This Affiliate Network is for you if you have a community of people concerned about searching for a healthier lifestyle, desiring to try products that bring them wellness and an integral development, mentally and physically.

How much money will I make?

That depends on the brand you choose to work with.
Each one operates with a different commission rate. What definitely applies with all of them, no matter which brand you’re working with is:

  • Your payment will be every two weeks.
  • You will receive your money through PayPal.

In case you have any questions be sure to check out our Terms & Conditions

We offer you a wide portfolio of promotional digital tools inside a summary of Media Kits for each offer.

That means you get access to a set of:

  • Banners
  • HTML5 template of a promotional email
  • Social media posts
  • Video clips
  • And so much more…

All of them in two versions at least so you can make an A/B split testing.

We work hard and steady on providing you with materials that can make your job easier.
Your opinions and feedback about them are always welcome. Besides, if you want to use that material as a starting point to create your own media tools, we are open to innovating on digital advertising creativity.

Become an Affiliate of B-Outsourced Network by following these steps:

  1. Click on this link to register.
  2. Fill the form with all your personal and business data.
  3. Schedule a videoconference with our Affiliate Manager

Tip: gather all your previous experience in the Affiliate marketing industry, the list of your marketing channels and the digital marketing plan you have for promoting our exclusive offers, so we can review it all in the meeting.

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